This project created the opportunity for two residences to be developed from a single home in need of renovations and repair.

Initially, the client envisioned demolishing and constructing two dwellings. Recognising the opportunities for reusing the existing building and reducing cost substantially, the family home was transformed with the option of a separate self-contained residence. The home is split off a central north-south axis, with each wing featuring a kitchen, living and dining area, two bedrooms, a bathroom, outdoor living, a garden whilst sharing a dual carport.

When the two living zones are connected, there is an abundance of space for a family of 4-6. The home allows all occupants to gather around the kitchen, dining and living area, with the option to expand onto the deck. The east wing provides children with an independent space of a retreat or study area whilst the west wing enables adults to enjoy their own private retreat and secluded work zone.

Going forward, the family has the ability to downsize and separate the two wings creating a completely private second residence simply by sealing a closed door.