The Victorian Terrace style home presented the challenge of achieving additional floor area without extending the building or losing rear outdoor living space. Furthermore, the client visualised creating considerable natural light throughout the house.

Unable to extend upwards or further at the rear of the home, the Architect had to think outside the box to solve the problem of restriction within a small space. Increased connectivity of occupants was accomplished by rethinking the arrangement of the spaces by relocating the bathroom to the centre of the home.  This task allowed the living room to extend generously to the full width of the site, linking indoor and outdoor living to a conservatory/ terrace garden. The client desired an enlargement of the kitchen, where an illusion of a far larger footprint was created, when reality, the floor area remained the same.

Victorian features were retained and refurbished whilst new French doors were installed to connect the dining room and master bedroom to the courtyards. Storage was amplified within bedrooms and a skylight was installed in the hall to support the transformation of added space and natural light to the home.