With a strong ESD focus, this project delivered a new administration building, a multi-purpose area and through refurbishment of the 1865 schoolhouse, a flexible library, resource centre and performance centre. A design solution was achieved to protect the heritage schoolhouse whilst also creating a flexible learning facility responsive to current pedagogy, the community and the environment.

Without a refurbishment and school inclusion, the heritage schoolhouse would have fallen into disrepair. With locally sourced bluestone walls, the school now utilises the schoolhouse as part of a complex of buildings which are also easily adaptable for fetes, festivals and sporting events, embracing the broader community. A key design challenge concerned the floor level of the heritage schoolhouse, which is 600mm below the flood level of the adjacent Leigh River. The site was landscaped with a ramped path to the school entrance to achieve elevated floor levels in the new buildings.  A platform lift was installed to provide disability access and flood evacuation of the schoolhouse contents.

The school’s curriculum expanded and students have the opportunity to reach their social, emotional, physical and creative abilities with the new multipurpose area enabling a diverse range of activities such as reading recovery, art, music and perceptual motor program activities.