In a rapidly developing community on Victoria’s southern coastline, the Masterplan for the new Catholic School in Torquay North focuses on engaging a new and developing community, responding to a contoured, treed site with sea views and supporting ambitious educational values.

Lisieux Catholic Primary School is a prime example of flexibility and adaptability. Adaptable spaces and furniture are critical elements of the school supporting a diverse and healthy pedagogy. The architecture understands new pedagogical needs, creating a learning environment rich in opportunities.

Shielded by existing mature eucalyptus trees, the ‘welcome’ space for children pick-up and drop-off is a publicly accessible area, encouraging community participation with generous connection to the Multipurpose Hall, Canteen and Meeting Rooms. These spaces are zoned for controlled community use and a school gathering place. The Multipurpose Hall can be extended or separately accessed via Northern and Eastern Terraces. Administration and Staff facilities provide secure controlled control access to facilities from the entry.

The two storey design increases access to wide coastal views to engage students with their unique environment. Learning areas are zoned and provide flexible, responsive learning environments.

Learning areas are generally grouped into pairs which can combine together or operate separately. Outdoor learning spaces are integrated into sheltered landscaped spaces adjacent to learning areas at ground level and deck areas at the upper level.