Fomerly Meadowbank Primary School, the school was designed to create a learning environment which inspired and supported the community whilst engaging and growing young learners.

The community have the opportunity to use the school’s public spaces for meetings and events after school hours. These spaces include a welcome area and foyer connecting to a kitchen and garden area and additionally, a courtyard, gymnasium and resource centre also supporting the community.

The protection of students and teachers’ education facilities from public access was imperative, therefore learning centres are secured as a private domain. Supporting various teaching and learning styles, the architectural design created variety for learning spaces which have expanded and can also retreat to suit the learning needs and activity directed. Below the four internal ‘tree’ columns which branch out to a softly folded roof, students and teachers have access to reading nooks, staff pods and mobile furniture which can be moved to suit the learning activity.

Additionally to using economically and environmentally sustainable materials, selectNOWarchitecture also developed a passive hydrothermal air conditioner tested by Flowsim which not only provides thermal comfort and maximises air quality, but reduces energy costs by 50%.