The Fitzroy building looks from the outside as it did in 1924, when it was a textiles factory.

Built within an apartment in Fitzroy, the Micro Bathroom was transformed from a 1.48sqm built-in robe into a light and airy optimally functioning bathroom.

Facilitating both ventilation and cooling in summer, the bathroom transforms into a warm airey space in winter with a heated hydronic towel rack. The skylight fills the space with natural light and ventilation with often the moonlight completely illuminating that bathroom for night use, with additional low voltage wall lights providing two levels of accent lighting.

Construction materials were chosen carefully, with intention to enhance the space, ambience, functional costs and environment of the Micro Bathroom. An illusion was created to make the space appear larger than it is, with mirrored walls conveniently doubling to enhance the size of the bathroom to the eye as well as a bathroom necessity.