As Nathalia Secondary College, St Mary of the Angels and St Augustines’s College combined to broaden their VCE curriculum, selectNOWarchitecture underwent the design and project management of the new Trade Training Centre. The project integrated the facilities into the existing buildings reinforcing teaching and learning connections throughout the College. The centre targets student’s diverse pedagogical, technical and physical needs by offering trade opportunities which inevitably provide pathways to further education in carpentry/joinery, hairdressing, automotive, hospitality, engineering and electrical services.

The carpentry workshops are highly visually permeable with effective acoustic insulation. Strong visual and aural connections were essential in the design process to encourage safe and responsible behaviours by students in a potentially dangerous environment.

Budget restrictions and limited space within the hairdressing facility meant theory and practice had to be provided within the one space. selectNOWarchitecture developed a unique salon bench which transforms from a seminar desk when closed, to hairdressing work stations once opening the lid, comprising of a mirror, ledge and magazine bench. The hairdressing facility opens to the public during the program to give students real-world application of their developing skills.

selectNOWarchitecture was the winner of the Association for Learning Environment’s award, renovation/moderisation under $1M award for this project.