Located in Geelong’s growing and bustling CBD, the former office building underwent construction and an interior fit out, enabling the conversion to a pizzeria.

The client’s brief was to fit out the pizzeria in 8 weeks. The Architects almost achieved this however, the process was slowed down slightly due to obtaining a large number of permits required to change the function of the building from an office to pizzeria. Along with the multiple Planning Permits and Building Permits required, the Architects also had to apply for a liquor licence, Trade Waste Permit and Food Permit.

The Architects were also challenged because the services were not all existing. A new gas line, sewer, water, a grease trap and two exhausts were required to enable the restaurant to function adequately. The challenges were overcome by due diligence, researching the permits and what was required to obtain them and following through with the information accurately and efficiently.

Features of the pizzeria include hanging pizza paddles from the ceiling and partially exposed brickwork internally as well as the black and white awning on the front facade.