Tucked within a five-townhouse development, the double storey dwelling was transformed into a three-level design, tailored to enhance the lifestyle of any age group.

As the owners worried the newly purchased “downsize” townhouse was too small for a busy, hospitable retirement, ‘Treehouse’ gained revitalised spaciousness, enhanced by natural daylight. 1.83m was built above the townhouse and the internal structure was reworked, transforming restrictive rooms into generous spaces.

The townhouse now provides a sense of forest solitude as two courtyards and a roof terrace create retreats for relaxation, entertaining, gardening and art. The insulated skylights bathe the home with natural light and the connectedness to the outdoors is enhanced by glazed wall panelling reflecting light, illuminating central spaces. Subconscious zoning, evoked by exposed warm structural timber, defines the space as agile yet calm, with elegant clarity reminiscent of Japanese and Scandinavian interiors.

Energy efficiency was met using passive heating and cooling strategies including double glazing, thermal mass and shading devices, minimising ongoing operational costs and environmental impact.