Nestled in the Victorian Highlands, Yackadandah Primary School is a modern designed facility located within a heritage goldrush township. The school was designed to encouraged community engagement, greater learning opportunities for students and to provide mixed teaching styles to suit all needs.

Inspired by the surrounding mountains, the newly built north wing and internally renovated heritage schoolhouse deliver three learning centres, a canteen, multipurpose room, resource centre, foyer, art room and revitalised staff administration/student services.

As well as meeting the design challenges of the above mentioned, selectNOWarchitecture incorporated a design to reduce bushfire risk, long-term maintenance costs and energy costs. The design established larger internal and external learning spaces supporting natural light throughout the building, with “mobile island” furniture, which can become a stage, room divider, group activity area, private study area or a “time out” space to mention a few.

The Resource Centre, as the heart of the school, provides another learning space for all year levels during school hours and can also be used by the community after hours as a multipurpose area with a canteen.