selectNOWarchitecture embrace our client’s experience whilst planning their design. As experts, we offer consultancy advice for an array of services including architecture, interior design, urban design and master planning. Our clients, ranging from government and non-government schools, institutions, private businesses, community bodies and not-for-profit organisations, receive environmentally sustainable and therefore viable projects which depicts learning, social and inviting spaces.

selectNOWarchitecture ensure our clients experience long-term success of their project by listening and developing impressive places using the highest quality products which are beneficial for both our future environments and communities.


selectNOWarchitecture venture to manage and provide a smooth process for our clients by collaborating expertise from our own knowledge as well as utilizing our other services and expert consultants.

Our Architects provide exceptional quality design, using environmentally sustainable products, which in turn creates a more feasible option of the completed project. Working closely with our clients, selectNOWarchitecture listen and understand both the requirements and desires our client’s vision of their project and provide services including initial cost analysis, sketch design, documentation, contract administration and defects.

Interior Design

Choosing precise colours, textures and materials is ample when designing a striking space. selectNOWarchitecture offer commercial boutique interior design and project management throughout our client’s project development. Working alongside our clients, our main purpose is to create a space that feels welcoming and warm to enter, that reaches optimum function and enhances relaxed interaction for their customers.

Urban Design

selectNOWarchitecture draw together many strands of a community and enable the building process to incorporate all areas to function swiftly together whilst in turn creating viable spaces for communities.

In contrast to architecture, which focuses on the design of an individual building, urban design deals with the larger scale which shapes a community of buildings, streets and public places. selectNOWarchitecture carefully design the physical features and relationships of community spaces, developing urban areas which are functional, attractive and sustainable.

Master Planning

Further to urban design, selectNOWarchitecture’s master planning services provide a conceptual layout of a community to guide further growth and development. Making the connection between buildings, streets, social settings and their surrounding environments is ample when master planning a design of a large-scale project and these are balanced to create flow of a project whilst excluding contradictions.

selectNOWarchitecture offer our clients analysis, recommendations and proposals for a site’s population, economy, housing, transportation, community facilities and land use all while realising that the recommendations can be altered based on changing project conditions over time.