Doug GowPractice Manager

    Doug is a highly astute consultant and registered surveyor with over 45 years’ experience who can draw on extensive success as a developer, business owner, manager and business development executive across multiple industries and contexts from aerospace, particle acceleration, land subdivision, urban growth areas, rural land, buildings and industrial developments across Australia.

    Doug has a solid track record working with the layout planning of aged care and retirement living for both not-for-profit and corporate entities. During this time, he has gained significant experience in project managing the surveying components of a wide variety of land development, infrastructure, exploration and construction projects across Australia and Papua New Guinea. Doug’s experience also includes planning for high-dependency, low-dependency and independent living units. His extensive surveying experience positions him well to collaborate with key disciplines including architecture, planning and project management within our firm to achieve the client’s objective and deliver successful outcomes.

    Doug has a background working in large range of survey-based activities, compiling knowledge and expertise particularly in relation to property title dealings and subdivisions. Doug also has considerable experience working with major retailers in a variety of contexts throughout Victoria, making him a knowledgeable and valuable source for our junior staff as well as senior staff at selectNOWarchitecture.